Bandar Imam Petrochemical S-6058 PVC Homo Datasheet

General Properties

Grade Name
Bandar Imam Petrochemical
Polymer, Thermoplastic, Polyvinyl Chloride, Polyvinyl Chloride Homopolymer
Processing Methods
Extrusion, Injection Molding, Calendering
Film, Floor Coverings, Wire and Cable Jacket, Sheet, Compounding, Pipe Fittings
Suspension PVC

Physical Properties

Value Unit Test Conditions Test Method
Ash Content 0.05 WT.% Sulfate ash, Maximum Value DIN 53568-2
Dark Resin Particles 30 Count Counts/250gr PVC, Maximum Value
Density 0.55 - 0.61 g/cm³ Bulk Density DIN 53466
Fish Eye 5 Count Counts/25Cm^2, Maximum Value
K-Value 59 - 61 DIN 53726
Particle size distribution 90 % 63μm<, Minimum Value DIN 53734
Particle size distribution 5 % 250μm<, Maximum Value DIN 53734
Viscosity Number 85 - 92 cm³/g DIN 53726
Volatiles 0.2 % Maximum Value ISO 1269


The information presented on this datasheet was acquired by Tecves from the producer of the material. Tecves makes substantial efforts to assure the accuracy of this data. However, Tecves assumes no responsibility for the data values and strongly encourages that upon final material selection, data points are validated with the material supplier.


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