Shazand (Arak) Petrochemical Iso butanol (IB) i-BuOH Datasheet

ISOBUTANOL is a clear, mobile, neutral liquid with a characteristic odor. It is miscible with all common solvents, e.g., alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, ethers, glycols, and aromatic and aliphatic hydro carbons, but is only sparingly soluble in water.

General Properties

Grade Name
Iso butanol (IB)
Shazand (Arak) Petrochemical
Chemical, Alcohol, Butanol, Isobutanol
Limited Miscibility With Water, Good Miscibility With Organic Solvents, Neutral Liquid

Physical Properties

Value Unit Test Conditions Test Method
Acidity 0.01 WT.% As Acetic Acid, Maximum Value ASTM D1613
Aldehydes 0.1 WT.% As BAL, Maximum Value ASTM E411
Color 10 APHA Maximum Value ASTM D1209
Purity 99.5 WT.% Minimum Value ASTM D5008
Water content 0.2 WT.% Maximum Value ASTM D1364


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