Jam PolyPropylene Company Jampilen EPX-548T PP Co Datasheet

″Jampilen EPX-548T″ is a high melt flow rate, nucleated heterophasic copolymer with a special antistatic additivation used for thin-wall injection molding, IML and houseware applications. The product features improved balance of mechanical properties. The use of ″Jampilen EPX-548T″ allows high productivity due to the easy mold filling and short cycle times. In comparison with conventional copolymers with the same MFR and the same toughness, ″Jampilen EPX-548T″ exhibits 15% higher rigidity. ″Jampilen EPX-548T″ is suitable for food contact.

General Properties

Grade Name
Jampilen EPX-548T
Jam PolyPropylene Company
Polymer, Thermoplastic, Polypropylene, Polypropylene Copolymer
Processing Methods
Injection Molding
Households, Sports Equipment, Thin-Wall Products, Toys, Caps and Closures
Good Flowability, Good Mechanical Properties, Good Anti-Static Properties, Good Hardness, Easy Mold Filling, Food Contact, Good Impact Strength, Good Dimensional Stability, Fast Cycling Injection Moulding

Physical Properties

Value Unit Test Conditions Test Method
Density 0.9 g/cm³ ASTM D1505
MFI 50 g/10min At 2.16Kg Load, 230°C ASTM D1238

Mechanical Properties

Value Unit Test Conditions Test Method
Flexural Modulus 1450 MPa ASTM D790
Hardness, Rockwell R 100 ASTM D785
Izod Impact Strength, Notched 65 J/m At +23°C ASTM D256
Izod Impact Strength, Notched 40 J/m At -20°C ASTM D256
Tensile Elongation at Yield 5 % ASTM D638
Tensile Strength at Yield 26 MPa ASTM D638

Thermal Properties

Value Unit Test Conditions Test Method
Heat Deflection Temperature 105 At 0.46 MPa ASTM D648
Oven Aging 360 h At +150°C ASTM D3012
Vicat Softening Point 155 10N ASTM D1525


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